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Pretty much every morning I get up at sunrise and take a walk with my dog.I like a big cup of coffee in the morning and a cold beer in the evening.I enjoy building stuff and for sure over my life have made more than my fair share of sawdust.Now I love to paint.It all started in July of 2009 when I took a painting class at the local art co-op.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Plein air with friends

I found this photo on my camera.
I painted this on the west coast just before Irene hit Hatteras Island.A few days later when the airports reopened I headed east to take care of Irene's damage .I found that my wee studio was flooded with rancid sound water and I had to strip out everything below about 3 feet on the lower floor.All my paintings  were drowned.
The studio is drying out but still stinks.However I did get of luckier than many so I have also been busy helping friends clean up their damage.I haven't had time to paint lately so thought I would put this photo on my blog as a reminder of how much fun it is to paint
Clean up is going great and in a few weeks the washed out road in will reopen.We have a tight knit community here in the tri-villages and everyone is pulling together.Life will get back to easier times and Irene will begin to fade in memory

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  1. Mick,
    So sorry to hear about your studio and paintings! Irene was a nasty storm and wreaked havoc in the eastern Adirondacks but we were spared (other than losing power for a few hours).
    I hope the clean up continues smoothly and you are back to painting soon.