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Pretty much every morning I get up at sunrise and take a walk with my dog.I like a big cup of coffee in the morning and a cold beer in the evening.I enjoy building stuff and for sure over my life have made more than my fair share of sawdust.Now I love to paint.It all started in July of 2009 when I took a painting class at the local art co-op.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mt Hood over Lavender

I did this last night.I couldn't sleep thinking about all my friends in Rodanthe locked in for hurricane Irene and wishing I was there for the fun and games
I took this photo on an incredibly clear crisp morning with Mt hood looking as proud and majestic as ever.
From where I'm standing in this painting Mt Hood is about 30 miles away and I wanted to capture its full 11250 foot high mass as it towers above everything else in front.Its summer and only the snow covered top half of the mountain is seen above the horizon.Most of Mt Hoods mass is below our field of view.
I put in the purple field of lavender below to bring out the brightness of the red barn.
Its hard not to feel humble on days like this.I sat on the side of the road for a long time studying this scene

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