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Pretty much every morning I get up at sunrise and take a walk with my dog.I like a big cup of coffee in the morning and a cold beer in the evening.I enjoy building stuff and for sure over my life have made more than my fair share of sawdust.Now I love to paint.It all started in July of 2009 when I took a painting class at the local art co-op.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Bird in my shower-ITS A CAROLINA WREN-

On the remodel jobtoday my mates were a bit hungover so we quit early. It was nice to come home before lunch for a change and my plan was to take my first outside shower of the season and then paint all afternoon. I head down to the shower with my soap shampoo and towel and there on the soap shelf is what I found. I guess my outside shower is closed for a few weeks. My mate Rick (check his blog) says it will be 3 weeks for these eggs to hatch and the birds head out. I will post updatesHere is mom. .
I hope they hatch soon-I miss my shower

Just hatched-

Dad brings food but is so fast I havn't been able to get a good photo of him.Here he has a grub in his beak for the kids but the only shot I got he had his back turned. I don't like to disturb their family life to much so mostly just peek and watch from a distance

 Here are the 2 survivors from the original 4 eggs. Lots of feathers so it won't be long now and I will be able to use my shower again

I thought there were two but now I see three 

THEY are gone.One egg unhatched left behind.I have no idea why 3 hatched and one didn't
Now I can shower again

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